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Stan Williams touched a lot of lives over the years. We would love to hear how he touched and influenced your life and experiences.

  1. Stan was one of the first people I worked with at Cooper Carry when I joined long ago. He was one of a few I frequently went to for help in determining the proper way to detail something, proper architectural responses to the client and/or contractor and architectural advice. He was always well respected and knowledgeable.
    Though, one of my favorite moments with Stan was when he would get ready to head home at the end of the day, he would say “Time to ride down that dinosaur tail!” Yabba Dabba Doo Stan!

  2. I worked on many proposals with Stan over the years. While his knowledge and experience stood for itself, it was his kindness, humor and quiet helpfulness that always made the process that much easier. And the process isn’t always easy! I’m no longer at Cooper Carry but learned from him. He showed me a great deal of patience and kindness, to which, I was so grateful.

  3. Stan instilled an entrepreneurial spirit in all of us at Cooper Carry who had the opportunity to work with him. His keen perspective for detail helped shape those projects he worked on. For me, his extraordinary contributions started with a strong sense of self and the ability to lead and mentor others in creating the built environment – which Stan did quite well.

    In his early years at Cooper Carry, I recall he was one of only a handful of Architects that was on the forefront starting Cooper Carry out in using our first computer technology and in putting together a construction set of drawings using Mictostation – in the late 1980s! What a cutting edge architect he proved to be back then.

    We worked together on various projects – NSI, ADTRAN, Intergraph, State Farm, and his ambition and determination in providing professional design and detail for all of his built projects was endless. It truly was a pleasure having worked with Stan, a gifted architect and fine person who’s time came too soon.

    I extend my deepest sympathies out to his family, friends, and his project Team who will truly miss him. May He Rest In Peace.

  4. I have worked with Stan on many projects over the years. He always taught me something new and that helped me make the project more successful. He will be greatly missed.

  5. Can’t believe that Stan is no longer with us. We worked and collaborated on many projects and got to know him well on the many hours we travelled together to Huntsville.

    Good bye Stan.

  6. Although Stan had been a colleague for 14 years, I know him best through my wife Rebecca and the stories she has shared for she worked directly with Stan for many years. Cooper Carry is ever evolving and was certainly different at that time. The Corporate Group was essentially a 3 person strong team, Rich, Stan, and Rebecca. They worked together on 500,000+ square foot headquarters, small office renovations, and everything in between. Through those stories, I learned Stan was always patient, supportive, a mentor, a resource in practice and in life, and in many ways a professional standard, measured. He was also practical, had a great sense of humor, loved to cook, and was at once both reserved and adventurous. I will always remember Stan by way of the young architects he mentored and how talented and sought after they became through Stan’s tutelage. I trust our many thoughts and prayers bring solace and shared stories assuage the family’s grief over a loss so overwhelming.

    Joshua 1:9

  7. It was my privilege to have known and worked with Stan since he joined Cooper Carry in 1984. He was a brilliant designer and the consummate technical architect. Rock solid, Stan was 110% reliable. He did things right, and did the right things. We at Cooper Carry, and the profession of architecture, will miss Stan sorely.

  8. I love this photograph of Stan. It captures his solid nature and in the background the great Bauhaus School Building that exemplified modernism, collaboration and education. Stan was a staunch proponent of all these. I will miss you my brother.

  9. I have worked with Stan for many years. He was one of my favorite architects to work with. Stan was an avid race car fan especially with Formula One. We would talk before and after every race. I am going to miss my F1 buddy.

  10. I have had the pleasure to work with Stan over the last two years on the State Farm Projects. Stan was always fun to be around and always enjoyed getting the job done. I will miss our water cooler chats. May he rest in peace.

  11. As Stan’s latest assistant in our Corporate Studio, I can honestly say that he rarely asked for help. He was very self-reliant, confident and independent. Such a good and kind man! I will miss our morning chats in the Executive Kitchen, as he prepared his “all-too-familiar” cup of Earl Gray tea! He will truly be missed….rest in peace, Stan.

  12. I worked with Stan in the corporate studio for a couple of years (on the State Farm Corporate HQ project). During that time, Stan was very gracious with his time, and would round up the younger Interns and Architects and share the details of shop drawings, blueprints, specifications, contracts, and the workings of successful projects. This always put a smile on my face to have someone of his calibre and experience trying to bring all of us up to his level. ~ Stan will be missed by many at Cooper Carry, and I will always appreciate the time he spent making each one of us better. My kind regards to his family, and blessing on his continued good energy.

  13. I worked with Stan on the ADTRAN complex leading the construction while Stan led the design. Both of us at the same age and level in our own industry, we learned from each others viewpoints as an architect and a contractor that influenced us throughout our careers. We kept ip with each other over the years and we have shared our stories many times.

    My greatest memories of Stan was the passion that he had in every aspect of his designs and how that passion spilled over to those team partners working with him to reach great results like the ADTRAN project. He always listened to those contributing to a project whether an associate or a contractor like myself.

    For a period of time for Christmas holidays, Stan would personally design his cards and I was fortunate to receive one for several years. Each one is very dear to me, while one sits in my office and I look at it daily, the others are displayed at my home.

    While God is the Architect of All Things, you my friend are the Architect that influenced so many people over your career leaving us a lasting part of you in your designs and in our hearts that will continue on forever.

    I am sadden that I will not have such a lasting friend to share good memories from our past and present. The next time we see each other, you and I will have much to talk about. God bless you and may he watch over your family.

  14. I worked with Stan off and on when I helped with corporate projects. He would always have great advice and would support you and the vision for the design and would help to defend the integrity of the design.

    He was always willing to talk cars and racing and would really open up when those topics were brought up. I will miss those talks.

  15. It was a great honor to have worked with Stan. He always stood out as a true professional. His devotion to architecture and the young architects he mentored through out his career is a testament to him as a individual. He will be greatly missed.

  16. I am very sad to learn of Stan’s passing. My condolences to Stan’s family, friends and colleagues.

  17. I worked with Stan on many projects during my tenure at CCA but there was but one that put us on the same page for close to 10 years…Adtran. The project is a testament to his skill as an Architect and his determination to get things right. As many of you have already noted, he was a consummate professional, a fabulously talented architect, and, above all, a great friend. We’ll miss you, Buddy!

  18. I first met Stan at the kick-off of the State Farm Hub Project, almost exactly 4 years before his death.

    Stan was a real joy to work with. He was so knowledgeable and experienced and had such a can-do attitude. He was an amazing teammate.

    We last saw Stan at a change order work session on the Thursday before his death. Following the work session, we all adjourned to a nearby TexMex place for lunch and fellowship. We enjoyed Stan’s company so much. What a good memory.

    We will miss Stan more than I can say. We are thankful for having known and worked with him.

    Jim George

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