News - August 3, 2017

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Design Matters: Kim Rousseau lists four areas identified as critical to address in today’s office environments:


s the huge Baby Boomer employee population is slowly replaced by the much smaller — though by no means small — Millennial cohort, corporations will be challenged to attract talent. And for this finicky generational group, atmosphere counts. Architects and investors on the panel “Design Trends: Creative Office Space for the Millennial Generation” at the 50thannual National Association of Real Estate Editors Real Estate Journalism Conference offered their insights into what’s working—and what’s new.

The statistics are sobering: For every two Baby Boomers in the workplace, there is just one Millennial, according to Bryan Berthold, senior managing director of workplace strategy at Cushman & Wakefield Inc.“So they’re controlling you.” That means it’s all the more important to focus on the people that work in your offices, not just what they produce for the company, affirmed Kim Rousseau, principal of Cooper Carry.