News - October 5, 2016

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Dual-branded hotels come of age


Dual-branded hotels aren’t new, but the product has become increasingly popular with developers, and more will be built in the next few years in a variety of formats, said participants in a think-tank session titled “Dual brand hotels” at the 19th annual Lodging Conference.

While most dual-branded hotels feature separate brands from the same brand family, new innovations include three hotels within the same brand company and at least one project with units under one roof from three different brand groups.

“(Dual brands) create a lot of synergies on both the construction side and the operations side of the project,” said Craig Mance, senior VP of North America development for Hilton Worldwide. “They need one set of entitlements, one set of signs and often one set of meeting rooms, one pool and one public laundry. And it’s the same in the back of the house, where things like kitchens, engineering departments, (telecommunications) and employee areas can all be shared.”

Mance, who refers to dual-branded hotels as “two packs” or “three packs,” said Hilton has 20 open and 22 under development or waiting for approval. Approximately 90% of the projects are in the United States or Canada with the remainder in Europe.