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800 North Glebe Road

“I had to send this message as the daughter of an Architect. I was driving toward Glebe on Wilson and your building was framed by buildings on each side of Wilson, backlit by storm clouds with sun shining on the glass facade. A very powerful moment which brought tears to my eyes. I have not had such a visceral reaction to a building in a long time and rarely to new construction.
Thank you!”

– unsolicited email from passerby

1_emory atwood hall

Emory University, Atwood Hall, Chemistry Addition

“Our new project provides incentive to think beyond the traditional, to integrate graduate and undergraduate education and create environments free to engage a broader group of thinkers. We will create a new center and research laboratories that are both adaptable and technologically advanced, facilitating our reach beyond the traditional questions to the new answers of the future.”

Dr. David Lynn, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor, Alfred Sloan Fellow, NIH Fellow
Department of Chemistry Chair, Emory University


Houston Galleria Renovation & Expansion

“Working as one of the owner’s principal representatives on the Houston Galleria Renovation and Expansion project with Cooper Carry and Gar Muse resulted in one of the projects I am most proud of. I have been blessed to work on high quality projects throughout my career and on the Galleria I found myself as the advocate on the owner’s team for some of Gar’s more forward design elements including the ceiling mounted fountain, and what at the time was the new trend of introducing hospitality type materials and elements into regional centers. Gar used wood panels and fascia’s as counter points to the slick glass and bright metals and that made the design more striking. Gar refreshed the icon skylight over the ice rink and solved heat gain issues from the original 1970’s design. He used the clear stories as the source of natural lighting in the expansion area and defined that design with its own unique architectural vocabulary that said ‘I’m new, more energy efficient, and stylish.’ The Cooper Carry team has tremendous sense of color and detail and used that skill to great effect throughout the project. Did I say I really like the design?”

Charles C. Porter
Development Management Associates LLC


Naval Air Station Jacksonville (NAVFAC Southeast), P-8A Integrated Training Center

“Your project is clearly one of the highlights on our base for administration/construction/design, and overall management success…clearly a partnering success.”

– CDR Cameron Geertsema, PE, Facilities Engineering and Acquisition Director, Public Works, NAS Jacksonville


The Westin Alexandria & Jamieson Condominiums

“Working with Cooper Carry was a great overall experience. The team understood the importance of incorporating brand standards into each project, and in our case, they were able to do this while skillfully navigating the many zoning and architectural hurdles that exist in Alexandria, Virginia. The result is a beautifully designed hotel that meets our guests’ high expectations and has become a wonderful addition to the Starwood family.”

– Kevin J. Stimpson, Project Director, Starwood Hotels

“The site area and facilities program for the Westin Alexandria were both tight and complex. Cooper Carry’s design solution was timeless, contextual and on the mark! We hired them for our next hotel design as well.”

– Reid Freeman, President, Regent Partners