ADTRAN Headquarters

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ADTRAN Corporate Headquarters

Location Huntsville, Alabama
Project Scope
81 Acre site; 1,020,000 SF
Adtran, Inc.

ADTRAN technology campus located in Huntsville, Alabama began as a redevelopment of an old cotton farm. The first phase programming identified a need for corporate office and manufacturing totaling approximately 180,000 square feet. The selected site was part of a newly developed office park and bordered an engineered detention lake designated for water management. An early objective of the design team was to replan the lake edge and use this pedestrian open air area as a corporate amenity. From 1990 to 2000, ADTRAN grew to more than 1 million square feet, expanding along much of the lake perimeter and establishing a high design standard for the park development. Over these years of growth, ADTRAN purchased additional lake edge parcels, however early property sales to other park tenants prevented ADTRAN from attaining control of the complete lakeside environment. ADTRAN incorporated a pedestrian bridge across the lake to complete the lake edge walking path.

As a company developing and manufacturing signal control devices used by voice and data transmission providers, ADTRAN has maintained its prominence by linking office, engineering and manufacturing in a well planned pedestrian corporate campus. Dining and banquet service, conference and training are all accommodated in facilities which have views and access to the lake amenity that links each of the four building complexes. Parking is provided in a combination of on grade and structured decks easily accessed from several site entry points.

Recently, we have been invited back to reevaluate the current masterplan and explore possibilities of a 235,000 sf expansion.