Hilton Garden Inn

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Constitution Square Hilton Garden Inn

Location Washington, District of Columbia
Project Scope
102,000 SF; 208 Keys
Design Services
OTO Development, LLC

In a unique move toward true mixed-use development in an up-and-coming area of Northeast Washington, D.C., Cooper Carry was called in to design the interior architecture for a Hilton Garden Inn — in a tower that was originally designed for residential uses. Due to market conditions and a desire for holistic projects, hotel developer OTO Development invited Cooper Carry, as hospitality experts, to collaboratively adapt the core of the building from residential space to hotel use. The Constitution Square project, which was under design by a master developer and a Bethesda, Md.-based architecture firm, contains three office buildings, three residential towers, amenities, parking and retail space including a grocery store. The 13-story hotel fills a need in such a development. All hotel and residential amenities are separate, although some systems are shared. The development received LEED Gold Certification for Neighborhood Development.