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Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) Master Plan

Location Dublin, Ohio
Project Scope
100 acres
Design Services
Hunter Realty Partners, LLC

Cooper Carry was asked by Hunter Reality Partners, LLC to develop an integrated mixed-use master plan for the OCLC campus property as a critical component of the Community Vision Plan for Dublin, Ohio. The resulting plan celebrated the site’s connectivity to the historic town, the river valley and surrounding park systems, while emphasizing viability and implementation with reality based building form.

As an important gateway to Historic Dublin, the existing highway interchange and Bridge Street Corridor were severely failing. Restructuring the interchange and integrating a traffic circle and grid pattern provided an excellent solution to both traffic problems and development implementation and phaseability.

The new street grid also defined blocks for both pedestrian and vehicular access through and around the site and existing natural elements. This also allows more future connections as the surrounding suburban pattern re-densifies and planned bridge crossings are realized.