Savannah River Landing Master Plan

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Savannah River Landing Master Plan

Location Savannah, Georgia
Project Scope
58 acres
Design Services
Regent Partners & Mariner Group

Savannah has a rich architectural heritage that has established the City as a unique place with a character and identity unto itself. Savannah is best known for its organization of public squares and tight urban streets, dating back to 1733 when General James Oglethorpe laid the first four squares. A common architecture language also adds to the authentic feel and aesthetic of Downtown Savannah.

Savannah River Landing is situated in a key location adjacent to Historic Downtown Savannah and along the Savannah River. The 56 acre site is located on the Savannah River and is bound on the east by the Bilbao Canal, the south by President Street and the west by General McIntosh Boulevard and the Savannah Marriott Riverside property.

In a former life, the site was used for industrial purposes and has since become the largest undeveloped site adjacent to Downtown. The site boasts 2,000 linear feet of river frontage and will feature continuation of the lively Savannah River Walk. Like Richardson, Savannah River Landing is focused on sustaining the culture and greatness of the city while expanding mixed-use development through prominent open space and amenities.