White Flint Sector Plan

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White Flint Sector Plan Density and FAR plan

Location North Bethesda, Maryland
Project Scope
450 acres
Design Services
Lerner Enterprises / Multiple

During the Montgomery County White Flint Sector Plan process, Cooper Carry worked with a consortium of developers and with Maryland National Park and Planning Commission, looking to guide consensus on density and urban design within the area’s boundaries. Cooper Carry developed FAR and height diagrams to match the county’s vision for mixed-use, dense community in the future in order to guide area-wide rezoning. Height and density cluster around the metro station exits and Rockville Pike in an oval, reflecting the transit nodes and infill road connections to these nodes. This layout physically illustrates the importance of the Rockville Pike corridor that connects the neighborhood to downtown DC, while respecting the single family residential neighborhoods surrounding the central core. Cooper Carry also master planned two sites within the sector for different developers.