Cooper Carry New York Office

New York, New York

Cooper Carry leased the entire top floor of a 12-story building in New York’s garment district, bringing the flare for which the area is known into its 4,400 SF interior space. They established a budget of $400,000 and a rigorous three-month design and construction schedule to open for business in June 2004. The program required a unified but flexible and functional studio space for 25 to 30 designers. The resultant design would be that and more. It would reveal the bones of a collaborative design practice; offer a balance between opaque privacy and inclusive transparency; respect the history of the building and its materials; and, above all, prove to be a thought-provoking and rewarding design for the inquisitive.

The original hardwood floors are restored and revealed in contrast with the spaghetti of mechanical and plumbing sources. Thick walls establish the circulation paths and channel views across the space as interior glazed walls connect the various studio spaces and volumes. Display niches punctuate movement and reveal designer obsessions and possessions. Spaces are flexible in use and can be quickly reconfigured for work needs, meetings, or presentations. Like the entry lounge, which can also be sectioned off by large rolling doors for use as an informal conference area, the overall interior space of the office reflects the firm’s commitment to design that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional and able to accommodate the changing needs of its clients.

project scope

4400 SF


Interior Design


Cooper Carry