North STEM High School

Alpharetta, Georgia

North STEM High School is dedicated to providing rigorous and relevant instruction with focused interest in Information Technology, Engineering, and Health Science. It will accommodate 1500 students within 245,000 SF. Master planning will provide for a future gymnasium, additional cluster classroom wing and music and drama program. The new school will be positioned on the site to provide maximum presence to the community within the downtown Alpharetta overlay district. The exterior traditional design blends with the downtown Alpharetta genre while the interior design capitalizes on “collaboration” through the creation of a central three story atrium, known as the touchdown space. This touchdown space will house the Media Center and the Cafeteria to create a ‘Starbucks effect’ where students will eat, collaborate and socialize throughout their day. This project was designed by Cooper Carry’s K-12 Studio in collaboration with Cooper Carry’s Higher Education Studio and Science & Technology Studio. This unique blend of experience provided for vocational and career readiness strategies and specialized STEM design.

project scope

245,000 SF


Fulton County Schools