Iconic Movie Posters Redesigned for COVID-19

By Katherine Stone, Julie Young, Bobbi Sweeney

Graphic designers and illustrators from across the country and around the world have moved quickly to design and share images related to coronavirus, from redoing famous logos to creating public service announcement images that remind people to stay six feet apart, wash their hands and stay home.

The Branding Services team at Cooper Carry is no different. To keep our creativity flowing, we took a quick break from naming mixed-use projects and designing logos for renovated shopping centers and took a stab at redesigning iconic movie posters to reflect everyone’s common experience during social distancing and these very surreal times. We hope you enjoy.

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial – For this poster we took the famous touch between ET and Elliott and gloved those hands for germ-free connection. (original poster designed by John Alvin)

Movies Reimagined for Coronavirus: ET

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Since schools have been officially closed for the rest of the year across much of the country, and since I am a parent, as are many of my friends and colleagues, we thought we’d have a laugh at how many days it feels like the kids have been off – or not off, actually, thanks to virtual classes – already.

Movies Reimagined for Coronavius: Ferris Bueller

The Silence of the Lambs: We replaced the death’s head hawkmoth covering the lips of lead actress Jodie Foster with today’s ubiquitous face mask. (original poster by Dawn Baillie)

Movies Reimagined for Coronavirus: Silence of the Lambs

Cinema Paradiso: We changed this Oscar-winning movie to Cinema Netflixo, since none of us can go to the movies right now. The screen features an image from “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness,” the Netflix documentary that has already been viewed by more than 34 million people while they entertain themselves at home.

Movies Remagined for Coronavirus: Cinema Paradiso

Fight Club: We made sure Brad Pitt’s soap is the kind that fights infection. At least he can find it in the store. We certainly can’t.

Movies Reimagined for Coronavirus: Fight Club

Forrest Gump: We removed Forrest from his bench, because lockdown orders mean you can’t play basketball, congregate, or even sit in a park anymore. (original poster designed by Bemis Balkind)

Movies Reimagined for Coronavirus: Forrest Gump

Star Wars: Han, Luke and Leia, here representing our heroic frontline healthcare workers, are fighting off the red-spiked image symbolizing coronavirus that was designed by the CDC. (original poster designed by Tom Chantrell)

Movies Reimagined for Coronavirus: Star Wars

Lion King: Last but not least … Forget Simba. These days, toilet paper is king. (original poster designed by John Alvin)

Movies Reimagined for Coronavirus: Lion King

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By Katherine Stone, Brand Director, Cooper Carry, with designs by Julie Young and Bobbi Sweeney

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