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We endeavor to leave a legacy marked by good stewardship and sustainable design. At Cooper Carry, we believe that architectural design has the power to shape a sustainable future. We are dedicated to the idea that each project we undertake prioritizes environmental responsibility, energy efficiency, and social consciousness. With a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges of sustainable design, our team brings together a wealth of expertise and experience in creating innovative and environmentally friendly spaces. 

Cooper Carry's sustainability consulting services include:

1. Green Building Rating Systems (GBRS)  

Cooper Carry’s staff works with clients to determine their goals for third-party building certifications that assess and recognize buildings meeting certain green, sustainability, or wellness standards. Examples of GBRS we have provided consulting services for include but are not limited to

  • LEED certifications, including Building Design and Construction (BD+C), Interior Design and Construction (ID+C), Building Operations and Maintenance (O+M), and Neighborhood Development (ND)
  • WELL Building Standards
  • Fitwel
  • EarthCraft
  • Green Globes
  • Living Building Challenge
  • National Green Building Standard (NGBS)
  • Georgia Peach

2. General Sustainability  

For every project, Cooper Carry guides clients on design choices that support sustainability outcomes. A few examples of how we provide this guidance include:

  • Sustainable programming charettes to consider how the building design will support clients’ goals, such as net zero energy buildings, mass timber structures, and passive houses.
  • Integrated sustainable design such as on-site renewable energy systems, daylighting, stormwater management, biophilia, and green roofs.
  • Operational carbon reduction and energy usage intensity (EUI) goals.
  • Research and implement new technologies that reduce carbon emissions. Embodied carbon reduction strategies can include high recycled content in steel and concrete mixes, sourcing materials and products within a limited radius, and reusing existing infrastructure.

3. Enhanced Sustainability Services 

Many of our clients desire to go above and beyond the minimum sustainability considerations. Cooper Carry offers enhanced sustainability services to help them reach their goals and covers areas such as:

  • Life-cycle assessment
  • Embodied carbon analysis
  • Resilience planning
  • Daylighting analysis

Below are examples of the strategies our team has researched and implemented as part of the enhanced sustainability services. We continue to collaborate with clients to incorporate many of them in new and renovated facilities.

  • VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems
  • Geothermal technology
  • Building integrated photovoltaic (PV) systems
  • Greywater treatment and irrigation
  • Bioretention
  • Electrochromic glass, such as dynamic glass curtainwalls and smart windows
  • Product disclosures and healthy materials

Beyond the services we provide, staff within the firm strategically integrate sustainability into our everyday practices, monitor our firm’s environmental footprint, and expand our internal sustainability dialogue. We reduce environmental impact by reducing waste, optimizing energy performance, selecting responsible furnishings and materials, and promoting multimodal commuting and travel options.

Integrating sustainable design principles from the inception of a project ensures that environmental considerations are woven into the fabric of the design process. Working hand-in-hand with our architects and designers, we are able to leverage our collective knowledge to develop innovative solutions that harmonize sustainability goals with the design vision. With a client-centric approach and a meticulous attention to detail, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver sustainable solutions that not only benefit the environment but also enhance the well-being and satisfaction of occupants. At Cooper Carry, we are committed to helping you realize your vision of a sustainable and resilient future.

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