Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

At Cooper Carry, the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council (EDIC) strives to continue and further develop a culture for an equitable and inclusive work environment where each person is heard, respected, and valued. In doing so, we advocate for a diverse community that supports staff, attracts talent, and serves the needs of our clients. To this end, EDIC’s mission is to:

  • Promote, document, and expand Cooper Carry’s commitment to equity and inclusion.
  • Serve as a resource to Cooper Carry staff as peers and discuss suggestions brought to the council.
  • Support and advance initiatives that encourage and develop a more inclusive culture at Cooper Carry and in our industry at large.
  • Advocate for policies, initiatives, and opportunities that attract diverse talent and support the abilities of diverse employees.

Inclusion Groups

EDIC encourages Cooper Carry employees to form and participate in Inclusion Groups to interact and build support with colleagues around topics of interest. Each group determines their own approach, including if the group is informal or formal, specific to one office or across all offices, and so forth. Each group also chooses how and when to meet, whether it’s an occasional virtual happy hour for peer support or regular meetings to address challenges. The following groups are up and running.

CC+ offers people of diverse backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identities a safe and supportive place to discuss topics that relate to them. And yes, that includes allies.

Emerging Professionals
A group open to all staff embarking on their professional careers, including those newly licensed within the last three years. This group provides a place for emerging professionals to share their questions, knowledge, and passion. Topics include licensure, performance planning, onboarding, and growing at Cooper Carry.

Inclusion Without Borders
This is a group to celebrate our diverse cultural backgrounds and to discuss our success stories and challenges. Our goal is to foster a sense of belonging and embrace our uniqueness, while creating a supportive network. There are opportunities to discuss the contributions of immigrants to our firm and highlight the work of foreign architects and designers.

Women’s Forum
The goal of the Women’s Forum is to address the needs and experiences of the diverse women at Cooper Carry through a variety of programming, including networking, training, discussion sessions, and guest speakers.

Working Caregivers Network
Parents, caregivers, and supporters at all Cooper Carry offices are encouraged to join the network to laugh, cry, vent, support, and share.


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Council Members

EDIC is comprised of staff members distributed across Cooper Carry’s three offices in Atlanta, DC, and New York City.

Chelsea Granado
Ashvini Dinoy
Saeed Dornajafi
Katie Igrec
Ana Koleva
Alex Lopatynsky
Andrea Schaub
Ex Officio: Nisha Robertson