Founded in 1960 by Jerry Cooper and Walter Carry, Cooper Carry has had a long and storied 60-year history. But we are just getting going.

Cooper Carry is a creative collective, actively working to break down the traditional walls between studios and building types. We approach each project as a unique entity and recognize that our work is sometimes a reflection of a changing world and sometimes a herald of it, but that no matter what it is best approached with fresh eyes and an open mind.

We believe that well-designed places have the power to positively affect people’s lives.

What is The Center for Connective Architecture?

The Center For Connective Architecture articulates our belief that connectivity is the centerpiece of our architectural, planning and urban design approach. Our process combines multiple disciplines in a rich composition of functional, thoroughly connected spaces designed to unite the experience of indoors and out.

The Connective Architecture process includes the assessment of the sustainability of materials, the suitability of assembly methods, and the options for organizing buildings and landscapes into compositions that maximize the advantages of solar orientation, weather, daylighting, building conditioning, and other variables that affect the building’s environmental performance. We also study ways to optimize the human habitat in our designs to elevate the quality of life for the occupants.

The Connective Architecture: Convergence

We’ve learned that as a firm and industry we must constantly adapt, change, evolve and progress. Today we still practice Connective Architecture but it has taken a new direction as building types blend into each other in new and interesting ways.

We are a mixed-used firm with a firm-wide focus on the convergence of building types for the benefit of societies, communities, and individuals. Our studio leaders wear the mixed-use hat as advocates and expert negotiators for their specialties – be it hospitality, multi-family, retail, or beyond – empowered by a legacy of deep industry expertise to make decisions that prioritize place-making, civic space, and the greater good of communities, tenants, residents and visitors in places where buildings designed for specific uses must relate and react to those around them to create a cohesive, sustainable, experience-filled whole.

Stewards of Sustainability

As individuals and as a collective we recognize the critical part we play in shaping not only our environments and spaces, but the places that millions will encounter and inhabit on a daily basis. We are armed with both the knowledge and conviction to influence the design of the world for the better. We endeavor to leave a legacy marked by good stewardship.