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Celebrating the future. The Cooper Carry K-12 Studio builds the future – literally and functionally, passionately and purposefully, designing centers of education that fan both the traditional flames of learning and leverage the currency of collaborative learning. We know that the work we do is extremely important because it celebrates the future as it shapes the minds of children who will be tomorrow's leaders.

Our mission fundamentally parallels our client's mission for each and every student to excel. We take seriously the challenge of creating schools that are shaped by the learning process and enhanced by human interaction in a way that will foster learning and promote teamwork. We are driven by this belief, and it shows in the positive effect on students' lives of the physical environments we have created.

We design better around, not despite, typical education-construction constraints; our mission set alongside that of districts, schools, teachers, and communities. We are seasoned leaders but are also good followers, understanding our clients’ expertise and partnering with them to navigate the tangle of financial concerns, political winds, equity issues and regulatory mandates to the other side of construction, into spaces that help schools, teachers and, above all, students reach their fullest potential.