Harper-Archer Elementary School

Atlanta, GA

Harper-Archer Elementary School was a project where our K-12 Studio converted an existing middle school into a new elementary school for the Atlanta Public Schools District. The interior renovation included the reconfiguration of classrooms, the addition of collaboration spaces, new STEM labs, a dance studio, and the conversion of the gym into a multipurpose space.

The project also required the development of elementary school environmental graphics. After the school was rebranded as “The Harper-Archer Trailblazers,” Cooper Carry’s Brand team worked to identify inspirational characters throughout history and created stylized illustrations of these historic figures. Paired alongside famous quotes, the selected trailblazers appear throughout the school in bold pattern, color, and geometry. This stylistic application was also interpreted for the school's multipurpose space, exterior fencing, wayfinding, and a custom crosswalk that all explore the intersection between fun and functionality.

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