fulton science girl
fulton science girl

Fulton Science Academy

Alpharetta, GA

The Fulton Science Academy is a K-12th grade private school located in Alpharetta, Georgia. The 66,000 square foot school consists of classrooms, science labs, administration and core spaces. The core spaces include a gymnasium, cafeteria, and media center. A key design feature for this school was to provide extensive square footage at minimal per square foot cost to the owner. This has been achieved through careful selection of materials, systems and efficient floor plan. The school is a two-story (split level type) building set into the side of a hill, thus working with the current topography and creating an economical balanced site design. The entry is punctuated with a glass tower feature inspired by school administrators and their direct involvement in the design. Furthermore, it has been our design intent to use both hand made materials, such as brick, along with more machined materials, such as crisp metal panels, to accentuate between art and science. The site has been master planned to include several large additions and site improvements.

project scope

66,000 SF

design services

Interior Design, Architecture


K-12 Education


Fulton Science Academy Charter School