Aspin Academy

Dubai, UAE

This four-story bilingual private school will provide education in both English and Arabic for local Emeriti students. The school will serve grades kindergarten through 12th grade. The project includes a 700-seat auditorium, gymnasium/aquatic center, an internal learning courtyard and grand lobby.

The accessibility of technology throughout the entire school will elevate the education and learning experience of the students. Within each classroom, instructors will have access to digital technology and students will have power for charging computers and other media.

Color and furniture will be used throughout the school to indicate points of interest, energy nodes and grade levels and location within the academy. By using color as a way-finding tool and emphasizing appropriate energy levels (bold colors for higher energy areas, less color for calm areas of study), the experience of both students and instructors will be enhanced. Color will also be used to signify special, interactive spaces that will allow for collaboration and interaction between students.

project scope

300,497 SF


Muzoon Holdings