Atlanta Academy

Atlanta, GA

Previously used as a furniture store and charter school, and having been vacant for several years, the space required extensive interior renovations. Cooper Carry was brought in to design the new space. Cooper Carry and decision makers at the Atlanta Academy went forward with master planning and renovation efforts. The team raised the ceilings, knocked down walls throughout the building, added neutral colors and more lighting, and selected appropriate furniture along with various other aesthetic renovations. With the new space, the Atlanta Academy will be able to double their enrollment within the existing facility. Once they outgrow the current space, there is no room to build an additional middle school building that will allow them to double their size again. With more space in their new facility, students are able to have an enhanced experience, especially with musicals, performances, and art shows, and other creative programs. The site’s master plan outlines converting an expansive parking area to green space, including recreational fields, basketball courts, and a colonnade.

project scope

60,000 SF


K-12 Education


Atlanta Academy