Global Impact Academy

Fairburn, GA

Located south of Atlanta in Fairburn, Global Impact Academy was designed to emulate a modern college setting with a contemporary spin inspired by the surrounding natural environment. The public STEM school provides students with access to cutting-edge amenities, like high-tech laboratories, medical simulation facilities, and a game design and VR hub created to foster inventive ideas and problem-solving techniques. Collaboration pods feature operable partitions for group learning, and independent classrooms are available to encourage team building and support design thinking among students. The double courtyard offers a makerspace, as well as tables and digital screens for teachers to have class outdoors or for business leaders to have information-gathering sessions for students.

This project was designed by Cooper Carry’s K-12 Studio in collaboration with Cooper Carry’s Higher Education Studio and Science + Technology Studio. This unique blend of experience provided for vocational and career readiness strategies and specialized STEM design. Global Impact Academy’s modern focus is reflected in its industrial aesthetic, with interior exposed wiring and ductwork, prompting students to consider the mechanical components that support building functions. The exterior features materials like wood and stone, juxtaposed with expansive glass windows and steel beams. The Academy ensures that students can learn and grow in environments designed for their success.

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147,319 GSF


K-12 Education


Fulton County School System