Cooper Carry New York Office Interiors

New York, NY

Cooper Carry’s New York office space marries modern design with natural materials, creating a space that inspires collaboration while nurturing a comfortable, communicative environment in its historic Art Deco building. Although it is surrounded by buildings in lower Manhattan, the office boasts plentiful natural light. Full wall glass interior partitions carry this full-spectrum illumination throughout the office for a bright, airy atmosphere, while extending outdoor views throughout the office.

At the heart of the office is a communal wooden table employed for a myriad of uses—from team meetings and office parties to storing and reviewing architectural drawings, the warm wood softens the space, its natural tones fostering a comfortable, residential feel. Pops of color in accents and furnishings throughout the office add warmth and visual interest juxtaposed against the cool modernity of the concrete, glass, and metal structural frame.

This space is LEED CI Gold Certified, and added a LEED Certified space to a building which has no sustainability certifications.


Cooper Carry


  • LEED v3 ID+C: Commercial Interiors, Gold