Aqalat MOH Master Plans

COOPER CARRY provided Master Planning Visions for project sites in three cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Dammam, Jeddah, and Al Madina. These vision master plans allow the developer, Aqalat, to position these properties to the Ministry of Housing as mixed-use, diverse residential focused communities in key areas within each of the cities.

The Al Madina site is approximately 47 hectares (116 acres); the Dammam site is approximately 39 hectares (96 acres); and the Jeddah site is approximately 99 hectares (245 acres) in area. COOPER CARRY served as the community planning/design lead, working collaboratively with local architect Omrania to create plans which are responsive to site context and analysis, planning and city requirements, program analysis, and a network of connected public open space and pedestrian focused street network.

The sites are designed with midrise apartment housing types (4-5 floors) to an overall gross site density of 2.4 FAR. Community services, open space and other required uses were incorporated and based on population and community catchment areas as regulated by the different municipalities such as the MOMRA.

project scope

895,000sm2, 482,000sm2, 600,00sm2

design services

Urban Design + Planning