Carpenter’s Shelter

Alexandria, Virginia

The current Carpenter’s Shelter site and the Carpenter’s Shelter itself are being redeveloped in conjunction with Alexandria Housing Development Corporation. The new mixed-use development will incorporate a newly-constructed Carpenter’s Shelter facility on the ground floor, 97 affordable income housing units on levels one through seven, and an underground parking garage.The Carpenter’s Shelter’s overall size and capacity will remain approximately the same, while the programmatic organization is more specifically crafted to the shelter’s needs. The Carpenter’s Shelter will have a large outdoor courtyard, and access to a shared playground space on the property. The 97 residential units will include 10 micro units, four one-bedroom units, 72 two-bedroom units, and 12 three-bedroom units, along with two outdoor amenity roof terraces on the 2nd Floor and a Community Room and outdoor terrace on the 3rd Floor. The building will also have access to a shared playground on the first floor.

project scope

163,000 SF

design services





Alexandria Housing Development Corporation