Clemson University, Outdoor Fitness and Wellness Center

Clemson, South Carolina

The Clemson University 0F+WC is a 16,000 SF facility on the lake front recreation complex. The center provides space to run the rental and instructional aspects of the outdoor recreational services. Camping, biking, boating gear will be on display for check out by students In addition, group trips, wellness seminars and classes, social events, and training will be supported by the facility. Active learning classrooms are designed to be flexible in order to accommodate ranges of learning from yoga, rowing, aerobics, to standard academics.

The building is designed to be a net zero ready facility. With the installation of PV on both roofs, the facility would produce enough energy to offset its needs.

This project also represents Clemson’s first Mass Timber facility. Cross-laminated timber floors, roof, and shear walls are provides throughout the buildings. The structural framing includes glue laminated beams and steel columns.

project scope

16,000 SF

design services



Clemson University