Consolidated Container Company

Atlanta, GA

The Consolidated Container Company, also referred to as “CCC”, has roots that go all the way back to the earliest days of the plastics and packaging industry. Today, they produce over 6 billion rigid plastic containers annually for products ranging from food and beverages to household and auto chemicals. CCC started with a state-of-the-art Engineering and Development Center and along the way, they also became pioneers in sustainability and were one of the world’s first container companies to provide 100% recycled plastic bottles.

With current headquarters in a suburban Atlanta mid-rise building, dark and compartmentalized office floors offered little daylight to the interior cores and were disconnected from one another, requiring an elevator ride to move between floors. With a major cultural shift at the forefront of the vision for the future workspace, a move towards maximizing natural daylight, views and open connected collaboration was the path forward. The new design is Industrial/Modern and reflects the CCC manufacturing heritage, while still showcasing it as the cutting edge design company that they continue to evolve into. The space serves primarily as a blank canvas to showcase what they do with all of their many clients' innovative plastic and packaging products while also serving as a vibrant and inspiring workplace for the other headquarters staff. A strong architectural language is evident across the design as a whole, while also being fiscally responsible and striking a balance between raw and modern while comfortable and inviting to all of the CCC plant workers and manufacturing team members who will visit the space regularly.

A strong focus on the staff experience also heavily influenced the project design. Two large spines of community hub, collaboration and conferencing space span from one end of the floor to the other and allow for a vast variety of places to work, meet, collaborate or simply hang out with colleagues. Surrounding these common areas is a rich application of company branding and the brand story. An entire feature wall even showcases the company’s rich history adjacent to a grand connecting stair which links the two floors together and enriches the collaborative

project scope

45,136 SF Renovation

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The Consolidated Container Company