Edward Andrews Design Center

Alpharetta, GA

Edward Andrews Homes (EA Homes), an Atlanta-based custom builder turned to Cooper Carry to design their new 7,000 square foot design center. The company needed a fresh take on the typical builder showroom environment, foregoing the traditional kitchen and material vignettes for technology-based 3-D visualization. This allowed them to operate in a third of the traditional square footage. The technology platform was being developed simultaneously, with the intent to streamline the decision making process. Flexibility was a big driver, as they wanted to use the main design space for receptions too.

Cooper Carry’s challenge was to take a non-descript two-story building and convert it into a venue that would promote a positive and memorable experience for customers engaged in designing their new home. The style of the design center did not necessarily need to reflect the homes that are built, but rather an atmosphere that captures a comfortable southern hospitality mixed with industrial setting. Uncovering wood roof joists was a huge opportunity for an authentic warmth. Most psychologists rank building a home as one of the top five stressors. That is why this project evokes a very genteel, relaxed environment – almost home-like. Customers are able to meet with EA Homes design consultants to select every aspect of their new dream home.

project scope

7000 SF

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Interior Design


Interior Design


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