Emory Point

Atlanta, GA

Emory Point is a mixed-use development situated along the busy Clifton Road corridor in Atlanta that is home to several large institutions, including CDC, Emory University and Emory University Hospital. Designed to provide neighboring workers, students and residents with a vibrant social activity center, Emory Point includes 80,000 square feet of shops and restaurants and 431 residential units. The existing superblock is broken down into five walkable blocks of residential over retail, with two public courtyards, and a central park area facing the nearby forest. All of the buildings share utility and storm water infrastructure, and are designed to meet Earthcraft Multifamily, Light Commercial, and Neighborhoods standards. The central park offers pedestrian connectivity to the CDC’s main campus, and the project is accessible by a free shuttle from the Emory University campus and hospital.

project scope

431 Units; 260,400 SF Residential; 80,000 SF Retail


Cousins Properties Incorporated