Euclid Avenue Corridor Master Plan

Cleveland, OH

The Euclid Avenue Corridor Plan grew out of planning exercises for Downtown Cleveland and ultimately examines the underlying catalyst projects needed to revitalize what was once Cleveland’s premier shopping street. The East 4th Street Development area integrates national and local retailers in a renaissance of entertainment in downtown Cleveland. Catalyst projects include the new House of Blues, development guidelines and improved streetscape designs. The Master Plan takes into consideration existing and future developments in the downtown area of Cleveland, as well as the impact of the local infrastructure, housing and entertainment market in Cleveland. Within the Master Plan is the East 4th Street Development area. This area serves as a link to the historical Gateway area, which includes the Jacobs Baseball Stadium and the Gund Arena. The completed Master Plan provides the stakeholders with a clear understanding of economically feasible development opportunities in retail, housing, entertainment, office and other uses within the Master Plan.


Forest City Enterprises

Project Team