Jaipur Living Headquarters

Acworth, GA

Jaipur Living is a dynamic home furnishings company that believes in connecting people around the world with the talents of the artisans of India. Jaipur defines success as an ongoing process of improvement, sustainability, quality and artistry. Cooper Carry was selected to design the new headquarters with these core beliefs in mind. Because the headquarters includes a significant warehouse, the location enabled Jaipur to be in a natural setting. Furthermore, Cooper Carry incorporated key Vastu (a traditional Hindu system of architecture which literally translates to “science of architecture”) principles into the design. The design direction is a minimalist, raw, and authentic aesthetic of concrete, plywood, concrete block, and glass. This serves as a backdrop for the colorful rugs and furnishings the company designs and produces. Unconventional plywood walls are juxtaposed with sleek full glass partitions. Lighting is designed to be functional and not decorative. There are a variety of venues for people to gather and display products, as well as iterate new ideas. Because efficiency was a driver, the large training space doubles as the break room. Food is an important cultural focus, so dedicating a large, prominent, and inspiring space was achievable as long as it served a dual purpose. An outdoor garden and walking path area is located outside of an internal zen room.

project scope

25,000 SF

design services

Interior Design


Jaipur Living


  • 2018 IIDA Georgia BOB Award