Atlanta, Georgia

Swinerton, the California-based software design, company invested in a new software development center in the Coda building at Tech Square in Atlanta to incubate ideas and solutions - and to fuel a wide range of technology innovations.

The office space houses 250 software engineers and 30 administrative and management staff in an open office setting. One of the main drivers for designing the office was to be able to maintain flexible space by work style and system controls. Work pods at the perimeter of the open office allow people to customize and control the spaces to meet their work needs.

Aside from the open office, the space offers a multi-purpose lunch area, hands-on product demos, coffee bars, small focus settings, collaborative touchdowns/meeting rooms, and places for to interact with colleagues and visitors.

To ensure regular communication, the design team held weekly coordination meetings to review the status of deliverables, coordination items, planning and permitting approvals as well as to discuss opportunities for resolving any design issues.

project scope

50,000 SF


Interior Design