Kilpatrick Townsend Community Hub

Atlanta, GA

Cooper Carry was again contracted by Kilpatrick Townsend Stockton to renovate their 3,148 SF library space in their Atlanta Office. The existing library was converted into a flexible “community hub,” and provided an environment where Kilpatrick’s employees could gather. The basis for the project was to begin to foster more collaboration among colleagues in a working environment that did not previously have a dedicated space for it to happen organically. The design included an adjacent “work café” area offering premium, high-end coffee and provides both open and semi-private work spaces for individuals or groups to take their work into a different and unique environment from those offered on their current floors. Additionally, the Cooper Carry team created a series of rooms which each provide its own character and opportunities for working, meeting, or the chance to unwind. Amenities of the space include a reading space, an integrated news ticker and TV, colorful collaborative work spaces, lounge area, and standing height tables for impromptu meetings. In addition to the open, collaborative spaces, a series of individual “work pods” complete with a footrest, lamp, and power were included to perform more focused work, or to provide a hoteling space. Adjacent to this focus area are several enclosed glass “huddle rooms” for quiet individual work, or a small two person collaboration session which include dedicated video conference capabilities.

project scope

3,148 Renovation

design services

Interior Design


Interior Design


Kilpatrick Townsend Stockton, LLC


  • LEED v3 ID+C: Commercial Interiors, Gold