Urbanization of Suburbia

Atlanta, Georgia

The idea. As the newest generation of seniors begin to look into their next phase they are driving changes in Senior Living offerings. The desire to retreat to a rural pastoral setting gating out the rest of the community is gone. This generation wants to be active, connected, and continue to live a meaningful and thoughtful life. And they want to do it their way. They will not be retiring but reinventing themselves.

What we did. Through our visioning and inquiry sessions we continued to come back to our core beliefs about what makes and keeps a community active and healthy. We took our ideas and paired them with the latest thought leadership in our multiple adjacent disciplines and idealized what this community could be in reality. We took a site we have worked on many times in suburban Atlanta and envisioned a new Senior Living story.

project scope

Mixed-Use project with Senior Living Facilities, Restaurant + Bar, Wellness Facilities, and Multi-Purpose Spaces

design services