Uzun + Case Office Workplace Interiors

Atlanta, Georgia

In the fall of 2012 Cooper Carry was approached by our long standing structural engineering partner, Uzun & Case, to design their new Office Workplace space. Situated mid-way up the Promenade II building, in midtown Atlanta, the firm’s new home consists of 13,500 sf of the twenty-fifth floor with unobstructed southern views of the Atlanta skyline. A careful analysis of their existing furniture inventory and desired program requirements revealed a difficult space planning challenge, but an insightful solution was discovered which allowed their personnel goals to be met despite the tight constraints of the building footprint and column grid. Structural steel rebar columns flank the main entrance while a powerfully, colored feature wall draws you in. Once inside, the wedge shaped form of the reception lobby, and borrowed natural daylight from the sixteen foot wide opening in the wall draw you toward the reception and conferencing area. This feature wall is revealed across the entire floor plan and provides hints and peeks of the wall from every corner of the office, serving to unify and link the studios on both sides of the floor plan. With open office space, low collaborative workstations, and the inclusion of clear glass sidelights in all of the corner office, the space is bathed in natural light and provides for an enhanced new work environment for the Uzun & Case staff.

project scope

13,500 SF


Uzun + Case