AMLI Flatiron

Atlanta, GA

AMLI Flatiron is a 7-story mid-rise residential development that sits adjacent to three other AMLI properties – AMLI Buckhead, AMLI 3464 and AMLI Lenox. It is the final phase of AMLI’S Buckhead Atlanta campus. Located at the intersection of a new linear park and Lakeside Drive, the irregular lot drove the iconic shape of the building and helped define the character of the Flatiron development. Spread over nearly three acres and accommodating more than forty feet of fall across the site, the building mass varies as it follows grade, and we used a limited palate of materials strategically across the different elevations. With 271 units to accommodate, we optimized the precast parking deck location to keep it convenient for all residents, while also allowing us to open up both amenity courts to the linear park creating an expansive experience, and connecting residents back to their community.

Because of the proximity to the MARTA Station and the iconic nature of the architecture, the interiors studio took this opportunity to design a space that incorporated nods to Grand Central station and the classical design features of an old NYC bank. Rich wood, intricate patterns and bold jewel tones can be found throughout to accentuate the traditional design, but with a modernized spin.

Working in collaboration with the architecture and interior design team, Cooper Carry’s Branding Services designed the AMLI Flatiron brand to blend the radiating, concentric lines of Art Deco style with a bold slab serif typeface that respects the industrial architectural design of the property. The package was built with a variety of logo lockups to maximize the equity of the brand. One of the most successful aspects of this design was the integration of AMLI Residential’s logo. The line weights have all been drawn to match that of the AMLI underline so that it blends perfectly as it sits in the center of the sun motif. The incorporation of the radiating lines celebrates the AMLI identity positioned at the center of the logo.

project scope

New Residential Development, Logo Design


AMLI Residential