Augusta Downtown Concept Plan

Augusta, GA

In 2012, voters in Augusta and the surrounding counties approved a 10-year one cent sales tax to fund regional and local transportation improvements. One of the projects identified in the program was the Augusta Downtown Concept plan that includes several vehicular and pedestrian corridors through Downtown Augusta. Cooper Carry was hired by the City on 2015 to develop the streetscape conceptual plans for each corridor. The objectives of the plan will be to improve the pedestrian and vehicular streetscapes and to provide infrastructure improvements that can become catalysts to new redevelopment projects along the corridors and throughout the City. The extent of the seven corridors in the project extends more than 12 miles through different Augusta communities. In conjunction with the corridor plans, Cooper Carry developed a master plan for the Augusta River District that builds from the success of the historic Riverwalk. The Augusta River District extends the existing Riverwalk for several blocks east and west along the Savannah River and transitions activity centers and land uses south into the downtown core. Extension of the Augusta Common, downtown’s central park, north to the river and south another block provides a larger public space that will be able to accommodate additional and larger events downtown. Cooper Carry has conducted a series of public workshops and stakeholder meetings throughout the City to engage the public in creation of the concept plans. Input from the meetings will be folded into the final design packages as the plans are advanced.