Chevy Chase Lake Master Plan

Chevy Chase, MD

The Chevy Chase Land Company engaged Cooper Carry to help transform their suburban development that includes a grocery store, office, residential and retail into a transit-oriented development closely knit into a new, elevated light rail station along the planned purple line in the northern Washington suburbs. First, Cooper Carry created connections through the site with a street grid that previously did not exist. This street grid is envisioned to not only provide a pedestrian network for the site, but also help circulation to and from the transit station with a lower impact on already congested Connecticut Avenue. The street grid created developable blocks and created a framework for a neighborhood mix-use development at the Chevy Chase Lake Purple line stop. Critical to the planning process was the analysis of the appropriate mix of density for the surrounding community that is in transition from an auto-dominant environment into a transit oriented community. Given the location between Bethesda and Silver Spring, Cooper Carry saw the need for this station to serve as a largely residential TOC, with some office and retail to support a vibrant neighborhood node for Chevy Chase, continuing a pattern of development along Connecticut Avenue that begins in Dupont Circle to Chevy Chase. Cooper Carry worked carefully with Maryland Transportation Authority to seamlessly stitch the mixed-use blocks into an elevated rail station and bike trail.

project scope

14.9 acres

design services

Urban Design + Planning


Chevy Chase Land Company