Saudi Arabia

This project was an effort to update city of Arar branding in Saudi Arabia, in support of a new vision and master plan.

From the historic Trans-Arabian Pipeline, to the reopening of the Saudi-Iraq border in 2020, to rich phosphate deposits and oil and gas fields, Saudi Arabia's Northern Borders Province, with Arar at its heart, has always been a place for energy and exploration. We envision Arar as the City of Energy. Thus, our brand identity concepts for the region were inspired by usable power, from oil and gas to sun and wind.

This logo concept features a powerful and bold Arabic font we custom designed for the project. From a grounded surface, pixelated orbs rise up into the air representing the valuable resources of the region, and the growth potential of Arar and its expanding impact within Saudi Arabia. The English typeface mimics the Arabic with its bold style and heavy stroke weight. The peaks of the a’s are capped to create a smooth, consistent line of negative space.

Designed to resemble the sun, this branding concept offers an elegant radiating motif. Wrapped around the center sphere of the logo mark is the word “energy” in Arabic. It slightly overlaps as it is repeated around the circumference of the mark. This creates a perfectly balanced and symmetrical result. Accompanying the logo mark design we created a set of custom typefaces. All offer a sweeping, curved appearance that further reinforce the concept of radiating light from the sun.

Our wind concept leveraged the repeated characters of Arar with a distinctive stacked logo mark. This design uses the natural rhythmic shape of the word as the centerpiece of the logo. Inspired by the flowing  wind, and the natural sweeping shape of the Arabic letter raa’, this logo mark becomes an iconic and recognizable symbol for the region. In order to compliment the mark, the English typeface is a tall, condensed san serif font designed to match the scale.

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