Saudi Arabia

This project was an effort to update the vision of the city of Najran branding in Saudi Arabia, in support of a new master plan.

A door is an entrance. It symbolizes new beginnings, and an opportunity to view and learn from what is beyond. Unlike gateways, through which one can always see what lies ahead, a doorway offers entry but also protects and offers privacy. A doorway invites respectful discovery. We developed the story for Najra, Saudi Arabia, as the Kingdom's Doorway to Heritage, inviting respectful discovery of this conservative region's long history of civilization, religion and commerce.

Doorway as an Icon
This concept incorporates the door as a part of the type set in Arabic. The vibrant, citrus color palette comes from the nickname of the City, the “Desert Orange.”

Spiritual Heritage
This logo concept is inspired by the religious and spiritual heritage of Najran. The mark is a door rotated 45 degrees 8 times, creating the 8-sided Islamic Star at the center, creating a striking geometric pattern.

Tangible Heritage
Focusing on tangible heritage, we designed a badge logo, broken up into five components: a doorway, Najran’s traditional mud brick houses, known as midmakh, Najran's agricultural sector, its mountainous surroundings, and five stars representing the Five Pillars of Faith. The farmlands, historical dwellings and their synergy with the landscape, tell a story of Najran’s history, economy and way of life.


project scope

Research, City Branding, Logo Development

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