Clemson University Lakeside Campus Master Plan
Clemson University Lakeside Campus Master Plan

Clemson University Lakeside Campus Plan

Clemson, SC

Cooper Carry collaborated closely with Clemson University's planning and design leadership to develop the Lakeside Campus Plan. This visionary precinct plan, underpinned by extensive data analysis, charts a course for a transformative moment in this location. The primary aims of the plan encompass evaluating current building conditions, benchmarking against national standards, defining a project vision, and assessing the feasibility of future growth and enhancements for the diverse lakeside area adjacent to Lake Hartwell. Emphasizing interconnected open spaces that cater to a variety of building functions, the master plan envisions setting a new standard for university hospitality and conferencing, all while preserving the unique culture of Clemson University.

Key elements of the campus plan initiative include:

  • Conducting a comprehensive lifecycle analysis of interior finishes, MEP systems, and service access.
  • Evaluating potential avenues for future expansion.
  • Developing detailed cost projections and phased plans encompassing 12 distinct scopes of work.
  • Crafting long-term strategies for building expansion.
  • Creating conceptual design visuals to support fundraising efforts and leadership approvals.
  • Establishing architectural design standards.
  • Analyzing space utilization and market dynamics.

The project's scope comprises short-term initiatives aimed at comprehensively enhancing the existing conference center, hotel, and event pavilion. Meanwhile, long—and medium-term plans encompass the development of golf cottages, an expansion of the hotel, and a transformative redesign of the arrival experience. Notably, completed short-term phases include constructing a new alumni and visitors center, a golf clubhouse, and a swimming pool.


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