Westshore Marina District

Tampa, Florida

Westshore Marina District is a 55-acre, mixed-use development in the City of Tampa, Florida. The development will include approximately 240,000 square feet of retail and office space, 1,750 residential units and a 200-room hotel. Cooper Carry’s Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) Studio has developed a unique signage and wayfinding package for the development, to include a monumental gateway, main and secondary monuments, individual parcel monuments, Tampa Greenway signs, regulatory signs, pedestrian directional signs and banners.

Typically, our environmental graphic designers collaborate with architects to complement an architectural language developed for each project. This project is unique because the environmental graphic design led the look and feel of the project, establishing a direction for the future buildings to come. The signage package is inspired by the Anglo-Caribbean architectural style, with some references to the Spanish Mediterranean Revival styles of historic structures in surrounding Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida. Materials and design elements reference asymmetry, wooden and stucco construction methods, decorative arches and insets to create signage elements from the monumental gateway with illuminated towers to the pedestrian wayfinding elements.