Dallas Housing

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Dallas Housing: One City Contributing to Humanity

Location Dallas, Texas
Case Study

With an ambitious goal of designing a sustainable lifestyle that balances: individual and community, social interaction and economic viability, and urban context and local climate, Cooper Carry was challenged to create a pattern of development for the future of downtown Dallas. The proposed design includes 380 dwelling units, 77,000 square feet of retail, a 15,000 square foot wellness center, 27,000 square feet of educational space and 242 parking spaces. The project is designed to be 100% self-sufficient from an energy standpoint. The design also takes advantage of an underutilized Texas natural resource – geothermal energy – to achieve this, in combination with a low-demand design (highly efficient building envelope, mechanical systems, lighting devices, and appliances) and on-site generation of methane. In order to further the landmark status of the project and the neighborhood, the design team proposed a development pattern that combines highrise, midrise and lowrise residential elements. The design concept is flexible in order to achieve numerous scales and complexities of development and construction. Ultimately, this design flexibility allows for adaptability to adjacent sites and future economic conditions.

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