Fusebox Restaurant

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Fusebox Restaurant

Location Atlanta, Georgia
Project Scope
6,000 SF
Zeitguys, Inc. & Johnson Management Group

A hip new dining concept, the fusion of Asian cuisine with Western culinary influences, was coming to Atlanta and the restaurant space was designed to express this innovation. This boutique restaurant includes a corporate dining room with state-of-the-art video conferencing capabilities, two additional private dining rooms outfitted with solid mahogany tables, fully upholstered leather seating, and mid-19th century Chinese domestic antiques. Hand lacquered walls, an underlit onyx tasting table, and a sleek gas flame fixture above the main entry further contributed to establishing the Fusebox as a unique dining environment that balanced the clean lines and harmony of the East with the cutting edge sensibilities of the West.


  • SADI Honarable Mention Best Themed Restaurant 2000