Kimberly Clark Corporate

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Kimberly Clark Corporate Campus

Location Atlanta, Georgia
Project Scope
96 acres; 658,477 SF
Kimberly Clark

Kimberly-Clark sought out Cooper Carry in the late 1970’s as a major corporate restructuring and move that initiated a secret property search in the greater Atlanta area. With our firms participation, a large track of land was identified along the yet to be completed northern Interstate. Originally planned for 500,000 square feet, this corporate office and research facility is accommodated on a 96-acre campus developed in a wooded pedestrian environment bordering a large lake amenity. After more than 30 years, Cooper Carry is still working with Kimberly Clark on this campus. Most recently we worked with their facility management team on plans to rezone and add additional density to the site, expanding the real estate investment’s buildable area to over 1.2 million square feet.

Kimberly Clark, with Cooper Carry participation, developed office, research, cafeteria and conferencing facilities on the site. Most impressively, the corporate wellness center focuses on providing lifespan health support for all the campus employees. One regret Kimberly Clark discovered during their decades of occupancy is the early real estate investment decision to sell off perimeter road frontage for retail and restaurant development. These out parcel sales have limited some of the corporation’s repositioning opportunities as the site population has grown and additional density has been sought.Cooper Carry has partnered with Kimberly Clark for over three decades to develop and maintain a project of a naturalized, well landscaped, pedestrian campus environment designed to sustainable objectives decades before LEED AP became the corporate norm.