Legacy Park

Decatur, GA

Cooper Carry is currently providing detailed master planning services for the United Methodist Children’s Home property recently purchased by the City of Decatur, Georgia. Our team is successfully collaborating with city staff, stakeholders, and residents to guide the creation of a bold and action-focused master plan which pays homage to the cultural historic landscape and buildings on this amazing property. Cooper Carry is working with the City of Decatur, its citizens, property owners, neighbors, city departments, and other stakeholders to discover creative alternatives that position this 77-acre property for implementation success.

Cooper Carry’s team has hosted a number of workshops, charrettes, and Civic Dinners to engage a wider audience to make significant issues more personal, accessible, and actionable to everyday citizens. Over 450 people attended our kickoff workshop celebration. We are also utilizing Civic Dinners, which are intimate dinner gatherings of 8-10 diverse people hosted by a member of the community.

Through an actionable master plan rooted in community input and consensus, the United Methodist Children’s Home property should strive to expand quality recreation options; meet the needs of under-resourced aspects of the City like Youth programs, affordable housing, and creative space for non-profits and the arts; increase usable green space and innovative stormwater management capacity; and build community in the City.