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Science + Technology Studio

Cooper Carry’s Science + Technology studio designs facilities that promote discovery and enhance the connection between scientists, workers, administrators and members of the public who work in or visit these places. Unpredictable change constantly challenges today’s research institutions and businesses which pursue the exploration and discovery of new science outcomes. Facilities designed by our team are flexible, safe, economical, inspiring, and adaptable. Our team of laboratory planners, programmers, architects and interior designers work together to customize the design of the research environment to ensure that it effectively supports and encourages the quest for new ideas in business and science.

Studio design experience includes: interdisciplinary research and learning environments; life sciences research facilities; corporate engineering R&D facilities; technology research parks and incubator facilities; biotechnology production facilities; public health laboratories and clinical spaces; vivariums; bio-containment BSL-3 laboratories; medical office buildings; basic science research laboratories including chemistry, biology, physics, environmental sciences and computational sciences; and advanced research core instrument facilities including NMR and microscopy laboratories.

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